Our Happy Tails of Adopted Dogs



 Jack came into the rescue with his sister when a neighbor noticed them chained in the front yard, clearly ill. The puppies had parvovirus and needed emergency veterinary care, so Idaho German Shepherd Rescue stepped in to help. Jack spent almost two weeks at the vet, and during that time one of his vet techs fell in love with him. After Jack recovered, the rest of the family got to meet him and Jack found his forever home!  



Jill came into the rescue with her brother when a neighbor noticed them chained in the front yard, clearly ill. The puppies had parvovirus and needed emergency veterinary care, so Idaho German Shepherd Rescue stepped in to help. We were looking for a family for Jill that could keep this energetic girl active and entertained, and found the perfect fit with a family with three kids, two other dogs, and a fully fenced acre. Jill can now play and chase tennis balls to her heart's content! 



Braveheart spent almost ONE YEAR at a shelter in California before Idaho German Shepherd Rescue stepped in.  This 6 year old guy was a favorite with the shelter volunteers, loved every dog he met, and just had an easy-going attitude about life so we knew he needed a second chance. Braveheart found his forever family just four days after making the trip to Idaho (one day shy of a year since entering the shelter). He has a doggie brother, two human siblings, gets to go on two walks a day, and has a comfortable bed to call his own. 



Oz came to us at 9 months old when his owners planned on surrendering him to Downey Shelter in California because they just couldn't keep him anymore. A few kind people stepped in and, with the help of Miracle GSD Network, helped Oz find his way to Idaho. Oz found a great home with a couple who had lost their pup the year before and were looking for a new dog to shower with love and affection. Oz loves to play ball and go on walks around the neighborhood.  



Baron was surrendered to the shelter for digging in the yard. He was on the euthanasia list at a small shelter in California when he found his way to Idaho German Shepherd Rescue. He went into foster with a couple who had been looking for a companion for their 2 year old German Shepherd female, and the two hit it off beautifully.  He now has a long and happy life ahead of him!



McKnee is a gorgeous 3 year old male GSD, with stunning amber eyes, who found himself abandoned by his owner at Downey Shelter in California. The stress of the kennel environment caused McKnee to completely shut down, hiding in the back of his kennel and growling when shelter workers tried to approach him. Because of this, McKnee was only given 48 hours to live. After joining Idaho German Shepherd Rescue, McKnee got to spend time with Veteran K-9 Training, and he started learning to trust again. His adopters fell in love with him and did their due diligence with two meet-and-greets with their other dogs and a trial run in their home. They are helping McKnee, now Zeke, be the dog he was meant to be with a loving and active home! 



 Zarah is a sweet and energetic 6 year old female German Shepherd, who found her forever home with her foster mom! Zarah's previous owners were forced to find her a new home due to their newborn son's severe allergies. Before she joined that family, Zarah had been abandoned on the side of a highway. We took Zarah in and after a few months, her foster mom knew that Zarah's home would be with her. Zarah's new mom works from home so Zarah gets to spend unlimited amounts of time playing ball in the backyard, and enjoying the company of her family.  



Violet is a beautiful 2 year old female who entered the Sacramento shelter as a stray with her puppies. She had fly strikes on her ears, so she probably lived outside, and she was very uncertain and fearful of the normal sights and sounds of a home when she first joined us. She spent a few weeks in a foster, where her personality and playful side started to come through, but as soon as she joined her new family she really started to shine. She has a new doggie brother she loves to play with, and has discovered the comforts of a dog bed all her own. We're so happy for Miss Violet and her new family!  



Robie came to us after sitting for nearly two weeks in the Stockton Shelter with a complete fracture of his right front leg, along with a fractured pelvis. He clearly needed surgery on the leg, with an estimated cost of at least $3500, so we started reaching out to the community for help. Stella's Shelter Fund, an incredible organization that helps shelters and rescues in Idaho provide medical care for their animals, reached out to the Sun Valley Animal Center, which generously agreed to perform Robie's surgery for free! This sweet boy, who looks to be around 1 year old, was given a second chance at life thanks to our amazing partners, including Stella's, SVAC, and the Underdog Railroad. After 2 months of crate rest, and another surgery to take care of Robie's extensive dental issues and neuter, Robie was ready for his forever home! He now loves to romp and play with his brother, Kylo, and is going to have a wonderful life thanks to the network of individuals who stepped up to help him out. 



Krypto came to us as a 1 year old pup who was all ears and legs and heart. He was picked up as a stray in California and was actually microchipped, but when they called the owners they said they didn't want him anymore. He then developed kennel cough and, when the second round of medication wasn't helping, he was put on 48 hour notice to be euthanized. But now Krypto has an incredible home here in Idaho, with a new best friend who takes him on multiple walks a day and has made Krypto a part of the family. 



Bandit is a gorgeous 4 year old male German Shepherd who has a sweet and sensitive personality to match those looks. Bandit was an owner surrender to a shelter in California because of landlord issues, and he was not doing well in the shelter environment. He was so stressed he wasn't eating, and he would shake and tremble at every loud noise. After he arrived in Idaho, he demonstrated that he is an all-around outstanding dog. His new family had recently lost their shepherd but when they met Bandit, they knew he would have a place in their home. Bandit loves playing with their daughter's dogs, and enjoying the simple things like having his own chair for naps. 



Samson came to us at about 10 weeks old from a small shelter in California. He made his way to Idaho with The Underdog Railroad, and quickly found an amazing new family with three human siblings, one cat, and a few guinea pigs. The family is looking forward to training Samson and helping him fulfill his potential to be an amazing family dog! 



Walter is a 20 month old German Shepherd male who came to us as an owner surrender because he was just too exuberant for small children. Walter had basic obedience training and is an incredible dog who just needed more room to roam. He found the perfect family with other dogs to play with, over an acre to romp on, and an active family that is going to keep him exercised and entertained.  



Rhys is a 5-6 month old male German Shepherd puppy who was at the Stockton Animal Shelter, which was overflowing with dogs. And we just couldn't resist that face and those ears! Rhys was adopted shortly after making the trip to Idaho but, unfortunately, was too much for the small dog in the home. But he's now found his forever family, who are committed to training him and love his goofy personality! 



Emma is a 9 month old female who joined us as an owner surrender when her owners had to move to an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. She is incredibly sweet, does great with her “sit,” loves to play with other dogs, and does well with kids. She found an amazing family and a new best friend in their 2 year old Golden Retriever.  



Elena is a gorgeous 2-3 year old female GSD who showed up as a stray on a property in California. The finder tried to locate her family but could no longer keep her, and through The Underdog Railroad, Elena made her way to Idaho. Elena quickly found a family committed to helping her acclimate to living inside and being part of a family. She needed a lot of baths, some good nutrition, and the love of a family, and Elena is blossoming into an incredible dog. 



Opal was a stray brought to the Stockton Animal Shelter. It's hard to imagine how she found herself on the streets: she is very sweet, does well with kids, dogs, and even cats. She has found a wonderful home with a little boy who loves her and animal friends to play with.  



Sable is a 7 year old German Shepherd female who was used and then dumped by a breeder in California. Sable came to us with multiple infections and very underweight, but with the love of a foster home she quickly began to blossom and it became apparent what an incredibly sweet and gentle girl she is. Sable was adopted by a wonderful couple who live in the country, so she now has 5 acres to explore and gets to go to work with her dad. 



King came to us from Stockton Shelter and went to our foster in Sacramento to await transport to Boise. But he never made it to Boise, because his foster parents decided he needed to join their family on a permanent basis! King now serves as a foster brother to some of our other rescue pups before they make the trip to Idaho.  



Leisel is a 7 year old female who came to the Stockton Animal Shelter as a stray, in very bad shape. She spent some time recovering with a foster in California before making her way to Idaho at the end of November. Leisel was placed with one of our amazing foster families and they quickly decided that she had found her forever home with them!  



Amelia is a gorgeous 8 year old female who joined us from the Downey Shelter in California. We learned after pulling her from the shelter that Amelia had a mammary tumor. She had surgery to have the tumor removed, along with her spay, and happily the tumor was benign! Amelia then found her forever home with a wonderful family and a beautiful backyard along the Boise River. 



Diesel joined us from a small shelter in Utah after being surrendered by his owner for constantly getting out of the yard. Diesel had some separation anxiety issues that we worked with him on, while he waited to find the perfect family. That family came around after a few months, and Diesel is doing great in his new home. He's incredibly smart and his new family is having a great time training him and helping him fulfill his potential of being an amazing dog!  



This beautiful 1 year old female German Shepherd was an owner surrender to the Idaho Humane Society and was terrified in the shelter environment. We were very happy to be able to help get her into a foster home where she could relax. She's a sweet and timid girl who was being bullied by the other dogs in her previous home. A wonderful family came along pretty quickly for Yuki, and she is settling in well to their home. She needs a lot of work on socialization, and they are doing a wonderful job of working with her. We're so thankful for our wonderful adopters! 



Klast is a 7 year old male with the traditional good looks of the German Shepherd breed. He was at Downey Shelter in California for nearly two months, so Idaho German Shepherd Rescue decided we needed to help him get off the concrete floor and into his forever home. Klast settled in quickly at his foster home and, after waiting for a few months to find his forever home, his fosters realized he was already there. We love our foster fails!  



Zeke is an adorable 10 week old Shepsky  (German Shepherd X Husky) puppy who came to us via The Underdog Railroad from Sacramento. He quickly found his new home and has been settling in great! 



Aspen is a gorgeous 3 year old female German Shepherd who arrived at the Stockton Animal Shelter as a stray. She came to us with a bad upper respiratory infection but quickly recovered. She tried out a potential adoptive home, but came back to us when it wasn't quite the right fit. The second time was the charm though. Aspen is now living the life with a big yard, lots of hiking, and taking trips around the country with her dad.  



Leon is an 8 year old male German Shepherd who joined us from the Downey Shelter in California. Leon was described by shelter volunteers as well-behaved, smart, friendly, and good with other dogs, so it's hard to believe he waited at the shelter for over three months! Leon joined his forever family shortly after arriving in Idaho, and they have been doing a great job of helping him through some separation anxiety issues (not uncommon in dogs coming out of the shelters). 



Malcolm is a 3-4 year old male who was found as a stray in California and ended up at Downey Shelter for almost 2 months before we pulled him. Malcolm came to the shelter with a shorter tail, and then needed further amputation after chewing on it from the anxiety caused by the shelter. Malcolm is such a sweet teddy bear of a pup- he loves to lean against you for loves and cuddle with you on the couch. It took awhile before Malcolm found his perfect home, but he certainly did. He gets to live in the woods, chasing squirrels, and playing with his new fur brother. 



Beautiful Nala is a 6 year old female German Shepherd who was an owner surrender to a shelter in California. Nala was severely neglected: emaciated, covered in fleas, toenails so long they curled under, raw skin all over and, of course, she then developed pneumonia. Nala was also very fearful, but we could see the sweet personality behind that fear. Nala is now doing so much better! Her adopters are still working with her on her socialization, but they love her so much and give her the most amazing life ever!



Grace joined us from the Stockton Shelter in California, where she was not doing well in the shelter environment. She is a sweet and timid girl, and all the sounds of the shelter were overwhelming for her. She was at a foster in California for a bit before making her way to Idaho at the beginning of May. She found a wonderful home with a Golden Retriever best friend and kids to love her. 



Alyssa is a lovely 8 year old spayed female German Shepherd, who is looking for her forever home. Alyssa was at Downey Shelter in California approaching 2 months when we pulled her. She was adopted shortly after arriving in Idaho, but came back after failing to get along with the other dog in the home. She went into a foster who took her to training and eventually decided Alyssa had found her forever home. 



Buster is a 2 year old male German Shepherd who arrived at the Downey Shelter as a stray, emaciated and with severe hair loss. During his time in the shelter he also developed an upper respiratory infection, had giardia, and then got an infection after his neuter. But Buster finally caught a break when we pulled him. He spent a few weeks at a vet in California and then made the trip to Idaho. After a few months, he found a great new home with a huge yard and lots of love.



Maggie is a 5 year old female who arrived at the Burley shelter as a stray. She went to a foster in Idaho City, where she enjoyed playing with the lab, swimming in the pond, and going for ATV rides. It was such a great fit, that her fosters decided Maggie had found her forever home!



Sky came to us as an owner surrender after she continued to lose weight despite her owner's best efforts; he simply could not afford further testing and made the difficult decision to surrender her. Bloodwork revealed that Sky has EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency), which is not uncommon in shepherds. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to manage through adding pancreatic enzymes to her meals to help her digest the food. After Sky waited for nearly a year to find her perfect family, her foster family decided she had already found it and adopted her!



Sasha is a gorgeous 3 year old long-haired female German Shepherd who found herself at Idaho Humane Society through no fault of her own. She's a loving and funny girl, who is sweet and affectionate once she gets to know you but can be a bit scared of new people, particularly men. She found a wonderful new home with two Shepherd siblings and committed parents. 



Anja was born in a Sacramento shelter and made the trip to Idaho when she was 2 weeks old with her mother and sisters. Once she was ready for her new home, she found a great new family with a dad who loves her and a Great Dane brother!



Aria was born in a Sacramento shelter and made the trip to Idaho when she was 2 weeks old with her mother and sisters. She was donated to a veteran to be trained as a service dog with Return to Heal, and is well-loved by her new family.



Annie was born in a Sacramento shelter and made the trip to Idaho when she was 2 weeks old with her mother and sisters. She found a wonderful family with kids to play with and a Husky brother. 



Lyanna was surrendered to a California shelter by her breeder, who had sold her siblings but didn't find a home for her. She has found a wonderful home being trained as a service dog for a veteran, and is doing great!



Abbie is the mom of Annie, Anja, Aria, and Ava, and came into the California shelter as a stray. After her babies found their new homes, she found a wonderful new family that takes her on all their adventures.



Hope was surrendered to a Utah shelter after an incident in which she ended up biting a neighbor. Shelter staff loved her sweet nature and reached out for rescue help. Hope did great with all the other animals in her foster home and found a wonderful home with a retired couple and a large yard to enjoy.



Loki is a gorgeous 2 year old male who was surrendered to a small shelter in Utah for playing too rough with the child in the home. He was terrified in the shelter, so needed out to have the best chance at finding a new home. He found a wonderful home in Idaho that is working with him on building his confidence and decreasing his reactivity to new people and situations. 



Ava came to us in July with her mom and 3 sisters from a Sacramento shelter when she was 2 weeks old.  Unfortunately, Ava was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA), which also led to her developing megaesophagus. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we were able to raise the $4,000 for surgery to correct the PRAA, and Ava made a full recovery! She then found the perfect home with a dad who is going to take her on adventures and have a great time training her. 



We saw a Facebook post about a dog that had been likely dumped and was running scared in the Emmett countryside for days. We were able to catch her with some patience and place her in foster while we looked for her family. We were unsuccessful in finding her family, but she now has a new family after her foster fell in love with this sweet and goofy girl!



May is around 3-4 years old and arrived at the Stockton Shelter as a pregnant stray. Unfortunately, during her time on the streets she reportedly killed a goat. She was set to be euthanized but thankfully the Underdog Railroad stepped in, and she made her way to Idaho. She proved herself to be an incredible dog in her foster home--great with other dogs, tolerant of the cat (with some work), and wonderful with small children and new people. She eventually found a wonderful home in the country, with a fur sibling she loves and parents who dote on her. 



Sawyer is a 1 year old male German Shepherd who ended up at the Stockton Shelter as a stray. While he was a bit scared and timid in the shelter, he warmed right up in his foster home and is a wonderful boy. He found the perfect family with a human sister and mom who is a professional photographer--and obviously now has a perfect subject in this handsome boy!

Rainbow Bridge



Luna joined us in October 2019 after finding herself at the Stockton shelter as a stray. She was severely neglected and, unfortunately, it was too much for her to overcome. We were able to help her pass to the Rainbow Bridge knowing she was loved and cared about.



Mia (named Scout when with the rescue) was a fun and spunky puppy who came to the rescue from California. Sadly, a few months after she was adopted she escaped from her yard and was hit by a car.  We know she's running free and wild at the Rainbow Bridge.



Sweet Nani joined us when her owners were moving and couldn't take her. She was in foster for several months before finding her new home.  Unfortunately, just a few months after her adoption, her arthritis got the best of her and her family made the difficult decision to end her pain. She had a wonderful family that showered her with love and made sure her final days were special.