Venus is a 1 year old female shepherd (birthday 1/1/19) who joined us from a shelter in Utah on November 16. She is stunning and the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, but has some special needs that will require a special adopter. Venus has both mild bilateral hip dysplasia and megaesophagus. We've had her hips evaluated by two specialists who both agree that management through joint supplements and anti-inflammatories as needed is the best course for her. Her hips are not painful at all and the dysplasia is mild, but she'll need to continue on high quality joint supplements and may have problems with her hips as she ages. 

Venus's megaesophagus is called by a condition called PRAA, or persistent right aortic arch. Essentially, she has a constriction around her esophagus that causes food to pool in a pocket if she's not fed upright. She's doing great eating blended food and sitting in her Bailey chair for 10 minutes after eating, but she needs surgery to correct the PRAA. We're hopeful that after surgery she'll be able to lead a normal life! 

Surgery is estimated at $3500-4000. Please consider donating today.

We'd also love to find Venus a foster that could provide her with a home while she recovers from surgery. She is incredibly sweet and relaxed around the house, crate trained, good with most other dogs she's met, good with kids, and likely workable with a dog-savvy cat. You just need to be able to blend her food and sit with her for 10 minutes after she eats twice a day. Please fill out our foster form if you can help!