Robie came to us after sitting for nearly two weeks in the Stockton Shelter with a complete fracture of his right front leg, along with a fractured pelvis. He clearly needed surgery on the leg, with an estimated cost of at least $3500, so we started reaching out to the community for help. Stella's Shelter Fund, an incredible organization that helps shelters and rescues in Idaho provide medical care for their animals, reached out to the Sun Valley Animal Center, which generously agreed to perform Robie's surgery for free! This sweet boy, who looks to be around 1 year old, was given a second chance at life thanks to our amazing partners, including Stella's, SVAC, and the Underdog Railroad. After 2 months of crate rest, and another surgery to take care of Robie's extensive dental issues and neuter, Robie was ready for his forever home! He now loves to romp and play with his brother, Kylo, and is going to have a wonderful life thanks to the network of individuals who stepped up to help him out. Please consider donating to help other dogs like Robie in the future!