Beautiful Nala is a 6 year old female German Shepherd who was an owner surrender to a shelter in California. Nala was severely neglected: emaciated, covered in fleas, toenails so long they curled under, raw skin all over and, of course, she then developed pneumonia. Nala was also very fearful, but we could see the sweet personality behind that fear. Nala is now doing so much better! She loves to play with toys, enjoyed her first snow, and does well with other dogs and kids, although because she can be food-protective we would recommend a home with no kids under 10. She is very interested in cats, but has been good with one that doesn't run from her so is cat-workable. She is still fearful with new people, so her adopters need to be committed to taking time to allow her to settle in and be comfortable with them. 

Update (5/5/19)--Nala's footpads, ears, and nose were still causing her problems so we had biopsies done and she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. After just a few weeks, she is doing great on a low dose of prednisone. She will likely need to continue on steroids for life, but the cost is under $10/month. We are also working with Alliance Dog Training on helping Nala be more confident in meeting new people, and would like her new family to continue working with the trainer after adoption. Nala is a loving, spunky girl, and well worth the time it will take to help her settle in with your family. Please consider giving this girl a chance! To start the adoption process, fill out an application below.

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