McKnee is a gorgeous 3 year old male GSD, with stunning amber eyes, who found himself abandoned by his owner at Downey Shelter in California. The stress of the kennel environment caused McKnee to completely shut down, hiding in the back of his kennel and growling when shelter workers tried to approach him. Because of this, McKnee was only given 48 hours to live. After joining Idaho German Shepherd Rescue, McKnee got to spend time with Veteran K-9 Training, and he started learning to trust again. His adopters fell in love with him and did their due diligence with two meet-and-greets with their other dogs and a trial run in their home, which is part of our adoption contract. They are helping McKnee, now Zeke, be the dog he was meant to be with a loving and active home. Please consider donating to help Idaho German Shepherd Rescue continue to save dogs like McKnee.