Meet Krypto--the dynamic doggie! This 1 year old pup is all ears and legs and heart. He has the energy of a puppy, but can calm down and just soak up the love as well. He is a big, strong boy who needs some work on his leash manners, but he is incredibly smart, easy to train and correct, and eager to please. He was picked up as a stray in California and was actually microchipped, but when they called the owners they said they didn't want him anymore. He then developed kennel cough and, when the second round of medication wasn't helping, he was put on 48 hour notice to be euthanized. But now Krypto has an incredible home here in Idaho, with a new best friend who takes him on multiple walks a day and has made Krypto a part of the family. If you'd like to support Idaho German Shepherd Rescue in helping more dogs like Krypto, please consider donating today.